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How do I reset/ reschedule/ extend a proctored exam as a Instructor?

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Please ensure you apply the applicable critical steps below in order to reset, reschedule or add extensions to an exam for a student. These are known as "Accommodation Settings".

You will need to make adjustments in both the Canvas exam (found in Canvas Quizzes) and in SmarterProctoring, which appears as Schedule Exams in your course navigation. The following covers date extensions and time extensions followed by accommodation settings in SmarterProctoring.

Exam Date Extensions in Canvas Quizzes

1. Go to Quizzes in Canvas and click "Edit" for the Quiz/Exam

2. In the Assign section click the "+Add" button

3. Enter the student's name and add a "Available From" date and an "Until" date

Exam Duration Time Extension in Canvas Quizzes

2. Select the "Pencil" icon by the student's name with the moderation

3. Enter Extra Attempts and/or Extra Time on Every Attempt before student starts the quiz/exam

Re-enter and confirm changes/updates in SmarterProctoring

All accommodation resets, reschedules and extensions MUST be entered and confirmed in SmarterProctoring.

1. Go to "Schedule Exams" in Canvas and select the "View Exam" button on the SmarterProctoring Exam Dashboard

2. In the "Student Overview" section, click the"Add Accommodation" option from the "Select Action" drop-down menu.

3. In the Edit Exam view, enter the accommodation information and complete all the pages to confirm the added accommodation

This edit view is for the one student's accommodation(s) only and will not effect the other students. You must re-enter the same settings you made in Canvas here.


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