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How do I schedule an appointment for in-person proctoring at a center as a Student?

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Your instructor MUST have the exam you will be taking set up with Exam Services prior to your attempt to schedule a date and time to take it. If the exam is not available in the Schedule Exams window, contact your instructor to inquire when the exam will be ready for scheduling.

To schedule your exam date and time, you MUST log into Canvas using your Single Sign On (SSO) log in credentials. 

Before you attempt to take your exam, please review your password so you know when it is time to sign in at an Exam Services site.

1. Open Schedule Exams from Course Navigation

2. Select exam you will be taking and click the "Choose a proctor" button

3. Select a proctor option

Your course instructor will determine which proctor(s) will be allowed to utilize. You may see both of these options or only one depending on what your instructor sets. The Full Proctor List option is for any of the University of Utah Exam Services site and/or other sites in your local area.

4. Identify the testing center you want to attend and select the green "Request session" button

5. Select the blue "Continue" button to enter the scheduling tool

6. Complete all required fields to schedule your testing date and time. Click the green "Complete Registration" button to complete registration.

7. View your Appointment Confirmation on your Exam Dashboard in Schedule Exams


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