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Scheduling Exam Sessions in a University Exam Services Site for Instructors

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For online courses, we encourage instructors to follow the schedule below when selecting their exam dates (window of opportunity). Exams given at Exam Services sites must span 2 business days or more to accommodate all students. This schedule allows for the most efficient use of Exam Services site resources and limits the number of exams scheduled on a given day. 

First Class Meeting Day Suggested Exam Days
Monday Monday - Tuesday
Tuesday Tuesday - Wednesday
Wednesday Wednesday - Thursday
Thursday Thursday - Friday
Friday* Friday - Monday

* It is strongly recommended that exams DO NOT end on a Saturday. Students may need technical or logistical assistance with their exams. Assistance is available during business weekdays.

Once an instructor has completed the steps below to schedule their exam, a minimum of 2 business days is required for the exam approval process to be complete. The exam approval process allows Exam Services to review an exam setup request to ensure all technical needs and logistical proctoring requirements are met before students are able to schedule.

1. Create the exam in Canvas Quizzes

In the Canvas course, instructors must create their quiz including all quiz details and settings. Instructors may continue to edit/add exam questions after submitting an exam request but that must be completed before the first day of the scheduled exam window. 

Select and enter the following information on the quiz details:

  1. Quiz name: insert exam title must have course name, section, and exam name (EX: EDUC 1000-090 Exam 1)
  2. Quiz instructions: enter specific instructions about the exam including permitted items
  3. Quiz type: Graded Quiz
  4. Options - Time Limit: enter the total minutes allotted for students to complete the exam. Do not change this information after importing the exam into the Schedule Exams Tool
  5.  Quiz Restrictions - Require an access code: enter a four-digit (numbers) access code. An access code must be used and Exam Services reserve the right to change this code to ensure our service.
  6.  Assign - Available from and Until: Both "Available from" and "Until dates must be used. The SmarterProctoring system only reads these two set dates and does not read the "Due" date. DO NOT change this information after importing the exam in the Schedule Exams Tools.

2. Enable the Schedule Exams Tool in Course Navigation

In order to import exams, instructors will need to enable the Schedule Exams tool in their course's navigation list. View How do I enable the Schedule Exams Tool in the Course Navigation guide for step-by-step details.

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Select Navigation from the list of tabs.
  3. Find "Schedule Exams", click on the three-dot button, and select +Enable to add to the course navigation

3. Import Exam into the Schedule Exams Tool

The final step to scheduling an exam for Exam Services is to import the exam into the newly added Schedule Exams Tool. View How do I import exam into the Schedule Exams Tool guide for step-by-step details.

  1.  Select the Schedule Exams button from the course navigation list and click New Exam button.
  2.  Under the Import Exam option, select the exam 
  3. Complete next five pages of verifying exam details match the Canvas quiz details.


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