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"Automated" by SmarterProctoring Information and Requirements

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The University of Utah has partnered with SmarterProctoring to provide virtual proctoring options for courses with online exams. Automated by SmarterProctoring is a virtual proctoring system that monitors and records student and computer activity during an exam ensuring exam security and exam restrictions are properly observed by the student.


  • Students may access virtual proctoring remotely in Canvas. There is no need to go to an external testing center or use a live proctor service.
  • Students DO NOT schedule virtually proctored exams in advance, exams should be accessed within the schedule window of opportunity.
  • Instructors set the desired level of security

Technical & System Requirements

  • A full compter operating system on a desktop or laptop (no tablets, iPads, touchpad platforms (Surface) or smartphones)
  • Latest Version of Google Chrome Browser, no other browsers are supported
  • Web Camera
  • Microphone
  • Solid internet connection

Pre-Exam Checklist


  • Make sure your internet service is running properly and no other devises will be tying up your service band width during your exam time
  • Please restart your computer and only open one tab in Google Chrome
  • Clear all browser data history
  • Turn off ALL other applications other than Google Chrome regardless of activity (this means anything running passively in the background needs to be turned off also)
  • Ensure you have taken all necessary breaks before you start your exam (restroom, drink and/or food breaks)
  • Have all permitted items out and on your desk before you start your exam (for example: scratch paper, pencil, calculator, etc.)
  • Turn off your phone and place it away from you during the exam, your phone should not be in the room with you while testing
  • Make sure your room lighting is bright with the light source in front of you and not behind you
  • Keep yourself in full view of your webcam at all times during the exam

Correct Virtual Proctoring Setup

Incorrect Virtual Proctoring Setup

During the Exam Do Not

  • Do not get up from your desk during the exam
  • Do not attempt to retrieve any items that are not already on your desktop after you have started your exam
  • Do not use your phone or any other device during the exam, they should not be in the room with you
  • Do not talk to anyone or make any noises yourself during the exam (i.e. don't read the questions out loud)
  • Avoid sudden or excessive movements, you should be focused on your screen and restrict unnecessary movement during your exam
  • Do not attempt to open other browser tabs or view sites outside of your exam.
  • Do not change any computer settings after you have started your exam.

The Virtual Proctor system reserves the right to end an exam at any time for any reason and suspicious activity.


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