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Exam Services Policies for Students

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The following policies must be adhered to when in the UOnline Center and using exam services:

  1. All University of Utah students are required to provide a University of Utah student ID (UCard) when arriving at a University of Utah Exam Services site to take an exam. UCard information is used for internal system tracking. NO other forms of identification are accepted.
  2. All phones and smart watches must be completely turned off including disabling alarms, alerts, vibrations, etc, and secured in a bag/backpack and hung on the hook on the back of the student's chair in the exam lab.
  3. All other electronic devices, including laptops, e-readers, tablets, smart glasses, and all other devices must be turned off and secured in a bag/backpack and hung on the hook on the back of the student's chair in the exam lab.
  4. NO food or drink is permitted in the exam lab. Water bottles are permitted in the exam lab but must be stored in a bag/backpack and hung on the hook on the back of the student's chair. Water bottles are not permitted on the desktop or on the floor. Students that violate this policy may be dismissed from the center regardless if their exam is completed.
  5. Only students taking exams will be allowed in the exam lab. NO children, pets, family members or friends are allowed in the exam lab.
  6. All students are responsible for tracking their own exam duration time and ending their exam on time. Exam Services proctors are not responsible to notify students when a time limit has expired.
  7. Exam Services Proctors are not responsible for advising, counseling, clarifying, or interpreting any exam content. 
  8. Restroom breaks must be pre-approved by instructors. If a student leaves the exam lab for any reason without the instructor's pre-approval, his or her exam may be ended for that session. A make-up exam would have to be arranged for the student to continue or finish the interrupted exam.
  9. ALL activity in the UOnline Center is monitored by live proctors, recorded electronically, and by security cameras at all times. 
  10. Any access to materials not authorized by the course instructor may result in the immediate closure of the exam and a report will be filed with the instructor.
  11. Students should arrive at the UOnline Center on their scheduled date and time to take exams. Late arrivals will be asked to reschedule.
  12. The center will not remain open beyond posted hours of operation. End-of-day late arrivals will be advised to reschedule.
  13. Instructors are responsible to ensure we receive their exam in time for their scheduled exam date. 
  14. Instructors are responsible to communicate our service policies and procedures with their students. We will not compromise or adjust our policies or procedures for any reason. 
  15. Registering/ scheduling, by appointment, allows students to reserve a seat in a center to take a proctored exam. In order to secure a reservation, it is strongly recommended students schedule their exam date and time as soon as they know they need this service. Our centers fill up fast and late attempts to register usually result in no available times left. We are not able to accommodate late registrations/ scheduling when a center is full. We will also not be held accountable for students missing their exam window due to late registration/ scheduling or failing to follow our terms and conditions. 

Before taking your exam

  • Know the correct date and time of your exam. You can find out when your exam will be administered by your instructor or course syllabus.
  • Make an appointment to take your exam. Schedule it within the set window of opportunity; avoid waiting until the last day. Your instructor MUST have the exam you will be taking set up prior to your attempt to schedule a date and time to take it. If the exam is not available in the Schedule Exams link, contact your instructor to inquire when the exam will be ready for scheduling.
  • Plan plenty of time to take your exam. Be aware of the exam site hours of operation. You will not be allowed to stay and finish your exam after a center closes.

Academic Integrity Violations Policies

Per the University of Utah Policy 6-400: Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Exam Services adheres to and is consistent with policies in regard to academic integrity violations and misconduct.

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