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How do I schedule a virtual proctoring session as a Student?

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Automated requires a full computer/desktop computer operating system. Smartphones, tablets, iPads, and similar touchscreen devices DO NOT work with this service. Review theAutomated service by SmarterProctoring Information and Requirements guide before considering this option.

DO NOT pre-schedule a virtually proctored exam with Automated. You MUST wait until the exam window has opened to access your exam through Automated.

1. Open Schedule Exams from Course Navigation

2. Select exam you will be taking and click the green "Choose a proctor" button

3. Select the blue "Choose button under Automated Proctoring

Your course instructor will determine which proctor(s) will be allowed to utilize. You may see both of these options or only one depending on what your instructor sets. The Automated virtual proctoring service only and should be accessed when your exam window is open.

4. Click the green "Start Session" button ONLY when you are ready to begin your exam

If your instructor is only allowing Automated as your proctor, this window will appear as soon as you select the Schedule Exams link.


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