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How do I know if my exam needs to proctored?

The proctor process is either a person or automated system that observes you and the technology used as you take your exam. The purpose of a proctor is to ensure exam security and exam restrictions are properly observed by the student. An instructor determines whether or not the exams in your class will require a proctoring serbice. Generally, your instructor will inform you at the beginning of the semester, or in the syllabus, if you need to have your exams proctored. If your exam asks for a password before you can access it, you need a proctor to administer that exam.

Where do I find a Proctor?

Students living within a reasonable commuter distance from any of the University of Utah campuses should schedule their exams at the nearest available Exam Services site. Students who do not live near a University of Utah campus or site will need to find someone to proctor their exams or use the virtual proctoring option.

Who can be a Proctor?

All of our currently certified proctors can be found listed within the Schedule Exams tool.


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