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Online exams should be created and administered through Canvas Quizzes and the Schedule Exams link. Time limits for online exams are enforced through the settings of the quiz. Accommodations and extra time will need to be set up by the instructor and will not be set up by Exam Services proctors or staff.

How to submit online exams & materials

Exams, exam information, and materials are submitted through the Schedule Exams link located in a Canvas course navigation list. Additional instructions can be found in the Scheduling guide.

Please be very specific when describing what permitted materials are allowed during an exam.

How to title your exam

Your exam title must have your course name, section number and exam ID as follows: EDUC 1000-090 Exam 1

How to format your access code

An access code is required and Exam Services requires a four digit (numbers) access code. We reserve the right to change this code to ensure our service. The access code is the way to secure your exam against unwanted access. The access code should NEVER be shared with students for any reason. When in doubt, refer students to Exam Services support.

Allowed Question Types

Question Type Permitted for Exam Service Facilities
Multiple Choice Yes
True/False Yes
Fill in the Blank Yes
Fill in Multiple Blanks Yes
Multiple Answers Yes
Multiple Dropdowns Yes
Matching Yes
Numerical Yes
Formula Question Yes
Essay Question Yes
File Upload/Document Capture No, our restricted computer configuration disables the ability to save and upload files.
Text (no question) Yes

PDF Attachments

PDF attachments in a Canvas Quiz are not permitted when using Exam Services.  PDF embedding conflicts with our restricted computer configuration. Please contact Exam Services for assistance on alternative options.


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