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Module Instructions for Gen3 Online Course Template

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The Gen3 Master Course Template is designed to streamline the preparation and management of your online courses on Canvas. The modules are structured to offer a flexible, user-friendly framework that aligns with the University’s educational standards for the standard 16-week semester. Each module is tied to weekly progression during the course of a semester, with the option to customize a module for the semester break. Here’s how to use and update the modules to reflect your course requirements.

Accessing Modules

On the left-hand navigation bar, click on Modules to view the module structure provided in the Gen3 Master Course Template.

Customizing Course Modules

  1. Review Existing Structure: Familiarize yourself with the existing module layout. Each module contains an overview page and template assignments, quizzes, and discussions.
  2. Duplicate Templates: If needed, duplicate the assessment templates found in the modules before making any changes so you have a fresh copy with working navigation links. See the Assessment Instructions page for guidance duplicating and customizing Gen3 assessment templates. 
  3. Modify Layout: Feel free to edit or modify the pre-existing module layout to fit the course’s needs. You can remove or add new text headers as needed. Ensure to indent assessments and pages to increase usability.
  4. Replace Placeholder Text: Ensure all placeholder texts, indicated by [insert] statements, are replaced with the applicable information.
  5. Upload & Prepare to Link Files: Upload files into the Canvas Files feature, ensure they are accessible with Ally, and prepare to hyperlink them in the appropriate module overview page. Files or links should not be directly added to the Modules feature, however, you should link module-specific assignments and quizzes in the accompanying section of each module to help students find assessments easier.

Add and Publish Course Content

  1. Add Materials and Content: Add course materials, lectures, objectives, a submission list, to-do's and any other section to their respective module overview page based on lesson scaffolding. Ensure that all assessments, both assignments and quizzes, are linked within the module overview pages, as well as in their respective module in the Canvas Modules feature. 
  2. Review & Update Pages and Assessments: Ensure every published page and assessment/discussion is reviewed to confirm the information is accurate and updated before the semester start. All assignments should have a Canvas Rubric.
  3. Publishing Content: Make sure that assessments, discussions, and pages are published either in entirety at the beginning of the semester start, or always have at least 5 weeks of viewable course content that is unlockable and prepared for student learning.
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