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How to Create and Embed Videos using Kaltura Capture in Gen3 Online Course Template

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Kaltura Capture is a powerful tool for creating lecture videos, screen recordings, and other educational content. Once recorded, these videos can be easily embedded into your Canvas course pages. You'll need to have the Kaltura Capture application downloaded on your computer to record and upload videos into Canvas. For more information about Kaltura Capture and a detailed how-to guide, visit Digital Learning's Kaltura Help Article.

Creating Videos

After selecting the Kaltura Capture option in the Canvas HTML editor, select 'Webcam & Screen Capture' from the 'Add New' drop down in the top right of the Kaltura Capture media popup. Kaltura Capture will open on your desktop and you may choose the type of recording you wish to make (include video, audio, etc). Follow the on-screen instructions to record and when finished, click the 'stop' icon in the recording control desktop window. A new screen will open where you will be able to edit upload options, giving you the option to change the name of the video, or add a description and tags. Click 'Save & Upload' in the bottom right of the screen to save your video and upload it to My Media in Canvas.

Embedding Videos

In the Canvas Rich Content Editor, click the Kaltura icon, it is recognizable by a multi-colored line star icon and is titled 'Embed Kaltura Media'. This will open a dialog where you can select the video you wish to embed. Choose the size and make any other changes, then click 'Embed.' We recommend using the smallest video size and playlists wherever possible.

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