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How to Customize Course Banner in Gen3 Online Course Template

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Included on many course services pages, as well as module overview pages, a course banner of President's Circle on the U's campus is used to provide visual cues of importance to students. You may change this at any time to reflect the course or modules being taught - you may also remove the image if you find it distracting.


The banner included is an uploaded course image and can be altered in the HTML Canvas editor by clicking on the image itself and then clicking the 'Image' button in the HTML editor.


After selecting the 'Image' button in the HTML editor, you will see a drop down that gives you various options: upload an image, select from course images, or select from your personal Canvas images. You should upload an image to the course Files function, add alt text through Ally, and use the uploaded photo to replace the banner. We suggest sizes around 1200x400 or 768x256.


Selecting one of these options from the drop down allows you to replace the image that was selected prior to clicking the image button without altering any page design or content - only if the image that you want to replace was selected before clicking the 'Image' button.

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