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How to Create Hyperlinks and Use the Course Link Feature in Gen3 Online Course Template

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Hyperlinks are essential for seamless navigation in your online course. Not only do they help in directing students to internal or external resources, but they also make the course look clean and well-organized. Ensure all of your hyperlinks are self-descriptivewhich makes them accessible to screen readers and easier for students to understand where the link is directing them. Do not name hyperlinks as "Here", "Submit", "This website" or other similar phrases.

In the Canvas Rich Content Editor (HTML Editor), highlight the text you wish to turn into a hyperlink. Click the Link icon, click 'External Link' and enter the URL you wish to link to.

This feature is located in the dropdown option of the Link icon as the second option and is particularly useful for linking to other areas within your Canvas course. You can link to assignments, quizzes, modules, or any other course-related section. This is especially helpful for cross-referencing materials like assignments within module overview pages. By using the Course Link feature, you can ensure that these navigation links to other areas within your Canvas course withstand course imports as you transition to a new semester or section.

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