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How to Customize the Course Services Pages in Gen3 Online Course Template

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Course Services pages are the static pages that provide essential information, primarily those outside of the course modules and instructional course content. These include the Home page, Contact Me page, the Syllabus, Tech Help page, Course Resources page, and others. Customizing these pages is crucial for providing course-specific resources and setting expectations for the course as your own.

Home page

This is first page students see when accessing your course. Customize the provided home template with your contact information, the course information and an updated course schedule.
To maintain linking, when updating the [insert] statements in the course schedule:

  1. Click on the module name link you want to customize while editing the page and select the 'Link Options' from the link pop-up after clicking the hyperlink in the HTML editor.
  2.  In the Edit Course Link sidebar that opens, edit the name of the link in the top text entry box called "Text (optional)"; Replace the whole "[insert]' statement with a summarized topic of the module.
  3. Click the red 'Replace' button in the bottom right of the Edit Course Link sidebar to save your changes.
  4. Repeat this process for each link in the schedule to provide an overview for your students while maintaining the navigational links already created.

Contact Me page

Provide multiple ways for students to reach you. Include student hours (known previously as office hours, instructor assistance, drop-in hours, open hours, etc), your email, and any other relevant contact information.


Beyond just a list of topics and dates, your syllabus should include grading policies, late submission policies, and any other rules specific to your course. This Gen3 Course provides a template that can be customized, however, UOnline courses are also required to provide a downloadable PDF version of the Syllabus that is specific to the semester and section being taught - which can be linked directly each semester in the top section of the Canvas Syllabus you create for your course template.

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