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Getting Started with Gen3 Online Course Template

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Introduction & Welcome

Welcome to the Gen3 Course Template for Canvas, designed to streamline the initial course setup and help ease ongoing maintenance management for instructors at the University of Utah. If you are new to the Gen3 system, this template serves as your foundational guide to building a course that adheres to the best practices and educational standards followed by the University of Utah for online courses. For those who are familiar with previous iterations of Canvas templates provided by the University (from TLT, Continuing Education, UCL, etc), you'll find that this version has several enhancements aimed at ease of use and course flexibility while providing the latest updates and support from Digital Learning.

This template has been built from the ground up for speed and reliability while adhering to the standards of online and hybrid courses in the typical 16-week semester format. The simplicity and reliability of this template is due to the fact that the course is written solely in page-local HTML code and in-line CSS. While simpler and more refined compared to previous templates built with external formatting tools, this template still offers many customization features, new page contextual navigational links, and an updated set of course services pages. More importantly, the overall module structure, page design, and course services that students and instructors have grown accustomed to over the years are apparent from the first glance of the home page - but now updated, quicker, and more reliable! For more information about the Gen3 template and our deployment and design services, please contact UCL’s Digital Learning Experience.

This welcome page serves as your one-stop resource for everything you'll need to know to get your course up and running smoothly. Here, you will find various guides, tips, and best practices that are essential for both new and returning instructors. After reading through this page and watching the video, take a look at the other instructor resources, as they contain detailed information about the most time-intensive and important work; from setting up your course modules to optimizing assessments, our instructor guides have got you covered!

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