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Digital Learning Technologies will be changing the Zoom client minimum version requirement for the campus Zoom account to 5.17.0 on May 6th, 2024.  Once this change is made, users will be presented with the message below upon sign-in if they are using a version of Zoom below 5.17.0.  They will just need to click the blue Update button, which will install the update on their client before allowing them to sign in.

New Zoom Feature Releases

Zoom 6.0.0 - Zoom's latest update adds new features to the Zoom meeting interface and brands the Zoom app "Zoom Workplace." See linked release notes for more information.

Broadcast Screen Share & Mic Audio to Breakout Rooms - Meeting hosts can share information to participants in breakout rooms from the main session.  This includes screen sharing, chat messages and mic audio.

Save Custom Gallery View Order Meeting hosts can save the customized gallery view order for subsequent meetings.

Automatic Updates for Zoom Client - Users can now set their Zoom client to update automatically when new updates are available.

Slide Control - During a presentation, the person who is sharing can allow others to control the PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation.

Transfer Meetings Between Devices - Users can switch a transfer a meeting to another device without leaving the meeting.

Immersive View - Places meeting participants within a virtual background to recreate the feel of a classroom or conference room.

Focus Mode - Allows hosts/co-hosts to view all participants' camera/share screens while participants can only see their own.

Zoom Training Webinars

Zoom Learning Center - Zoom offers training webinars regularly through their Learning Center.


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