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How do I create my University of Utah Zoom account?

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Zoom is an approved University of Utah web conferencing tool. It can be used for meetings, class video-conferencing, recording audio and screen capturing, conducting office hours, and much more! University Zoom accounts are available centrally to all University of Utah faculty, staff, and students.

If you need additional functionality, such as Zoom webinars, large meetings (over 300 participants), etc., Digital Learning Technologies has a pool of these licenses available. These are available free of charge for temporary checkout for occasional events. Requests for a checkout license can be submitted through the Zoom Webinar License Checkout Request Form on our website.

If you need to have a dedicated webinar or large meeting license assigned to your account, these are available for purchase through the University of Utah's Office of Software Licensing website.

1. Go to and click the blue "Sign in" button

2. Enter your UNID, campus password, and complete DUO authentication

If you are not presented with the campus single sign-on (SSO) page and are signed directly into Zoom, this means that you already have an existing Basic or Pro account that you have signed into before. Click on the photo/avatar icon in the top right of the page. On the drop-down menu, click Sign Out. Then, repeat steps 1 and 2 above.

3. Start Using Zoom

Once you authenticate with your UNID, campus password and DUO authentication on the SSO page, you will be brought to your Zoom Profile Page. Your Zoom account is now set up and you can start scheduling meetings.


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