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How to use the DPT template for PowerPoint lecture slides

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Download the PowerPoint Template

  • Download the DPT Hybrid PowerPoint Template file (.potx).
  • Use Calibri Font in the PowerPoint (set as the default)

Open and Save the PowerPoint Template to your user profile in PowerPoint

  • Open the PowerPoint template (.potx) in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • "Save as Template". (Your computer will navigate to your UserTemplate Folder.)
  • Save

Windows Screenshot of Saving to the User Template Folder

Windows dialog box, see caption for instructions

Mac Screenshot of Saving to the User Template File

Use the imported PowerPoint template.  

  • Create a New Presentation from the imported Template.  
    • Choose the saved DPT Template from your Personal Templates.

You have several options on working with the template: Start from scratch, copy and paste slides or import an existing PowerPoint.

  1. Start from scratch and create new slides.  
    • Use the template custom created slides
  1. Copy and Paste Slides from an existing PowerPoint.
    • Open your existing PowerPoint Slides.  
    • Select the slides you want to convert. (Press CTRL + A to select all slides)  
    • Press CTRL + C to copy your slides.
    • Return to your new PowerPoint Presentation
    • Press CTRL + V to paste your slides. Your new slides should reflect the template.
Highlighted slides from original PowerPoint
Previous slides pasted into new template in PowerPoint
  1. Import slides from an existing PowerPoint.
    • From the Home or Insert Menu, select 'New Slide' and choose 'Reuse Slides...'
    • Navigate and select your existing PowerPoint file on your computer
    • Click OK
      • For a mac, your entire slideshow will import
      • On a PC, you can select the slides you wish to import

Typically, you will need to make adjustments to your slides to align with the style guide.  This can be time-consuming so plan accordingly.

  • Text box fonts will need to be changed to Calibri font.
  • Graphs and other graphics may need adjustment to Calibri font.
  • Try using the 'reset' feature to force PowerPoint to use the Template
  • Try choosing different slide templates to modify slides.

Mac Screenshot of Resetting to Force Formatting

Windows Screenshot of Resetting to Force Formatting

Arrow pointing to Reset button in PowerPoint